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USA Unify Media is a "California Progressive Nonprofit Corporation for the Public Good." We are a digital marketing and data science agency. We are a nonprofit, but we are not a charity.  We need your support to grow our mission. Digital expertise is expensive and powerful, we bring these services to the Progressive movement at 50% of the "Pennsylvania Ave Business Model", we are purposely disrupting the "Campaign Business" and "Dark Money". What We do:  

1. We are providing Nonprofit Grassroots Digital Strategy, Data Science, and Influence Marketing services to Progressive Causes and Candidates. USA Unify Media develops Political Digital Campaigns, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Analytics & Data Science, Policy Research, and Influence Marketing. We focus on Progressive America and American Unity. Unlike most digital advertisers, we do not charge a percentage of digital. Our model is services-based. 

2. USA Unify counters  the Alt-Right Digital Propaganda Machine, their Dark Money Campaigns,  and the Oligarchy, We use sophisticated data science, cloud technology, and influence marketing.  Please see our research blogs for details on our technology: Marketing & Data Science Research. Our content includes digital education and behavioral algorithms for high engagement across the ideological landscape and across the world. 

3. USA Unify Media Digital Properties focus on digital philanthropy by engaging digital traffic to important causes, candidates, and organizations. 

Our team includes experts in political campaigns, digital marketing, social media, content management, data science, influence, experiential and viral marketing consulting. We are currently a team of 22 volunteers. We are self funded to launch this nonprofit Agency and Organization. We need your support 

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